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Table 3 Guidelines for selecting a suitable logistical simulation model for training purposes

From: A systematic literature review of simulation models for non-technical skill training in healthcare logistics

  Discrete-event simulation System dynamics Agent-based simulation Game and participatory simulation
Level of training Operational Strategic All Tactical, operational
Training purpose Process management and innovation Planning Reasoning, negotiation, distributed management Experience, awareness, perception
Lower boundary of technical preparation Qualitative workflow Casual loop Objected-oriented programming Low-tech material
Higher boundary of technical preparation Differential equations Agent system High-tech graphic and interaction
Applicable area All Staffing decision making, procurement logistics Staffing decision making, transport, hospital design, network distribution and dispatching Staffing decision making, supply chain management, network distribution and dispatching
Tools Arena, Simio, Simu8, AnyLogic Venism, AnyLogic NetLogo, AnyLogic Boards, unity