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Table 1 Queries used for the different databases

From: A systematic literature review of simulation models for non-technical skill training in healthcare logistics

Database Patient-centric queries Material-centric queries
Web of Science Core Collection TI = ((“healthcare” OR “health SAME care”) AND (“system SAME dynamics” OR “patient SAME flow” OR “gam*”) TI = (“healthcare” OR “health SAME care OR care”) AND TS = (“pharma*” OR “blood” OR “drug”) AND TI = (“simulation” OR “system SAME dynamic*” OR “simulator*” OR “gam*”)
ACM recordAbstract:(+(“health care” “healthcare”) + (“system dynamics” “patient flow” “gam*”)) recordAbstract:(+(“hospital” “drug” “pharma*” “blood”) + (“simulation” “simulator*” “gam*”))
JSTOR ti:(“healthcare” OR “health care”) AND (“system dynamics” OR “patient flow” OR “game” OR “simulation”) ti:((“drug” OR “hospital” OR “blood” OR “pharmaceutical”) AND (“system dynamics” OR “patient flow” OR “game” OR “simulation” OR “simulator”))
  1. SAME, OR, and AND are logic operators of keywords